Indonesian Imported Steaming Coal

Indonesian Imported Steaming Coal

Envirocoal The world’s cleanest solid fossil fuel. A coal so low in sulphur and ash content that makes it naturally clean to burn. Natures’s own contribution to preserving the environment. Adaro represents a unique combination: low sulphur, low ash and coal easily mined from surface seams up to 70 metres thick and efficiently transported along major shipping routes linking Indonesia to the world.
We supply Lowed and High COCORY, less ASH content steaming coal for Dyeing factories, Steel Rolling Mills, Sugar Factories, Paper Mills, Brick Chambers etc.,

Technical Specification

High GCV Coal

Gross Calorific Value (arb) 4800 +/- 100
Total Moisture (ar) 26% +/- 2%
Inherent Moisture (adb) 14.5%
ASH (adb) 3-4%
Volatile Matter (adb) 42%
Fixed Carbon (adb) by difference
Sulphur (adb) 0.17%
Hard Grove Index (adb) 46 approx
Size 0-50 MM

Medium GCV Coal

Gross Calorific Value (arb) 4200 +/- 100
Total Moisture (ar) 34% +/- 2%
Inherent Moisture (adb) 14%
ASH (adb) 5-6%
Volatile Matter (adb) 41%
Fixed Carbon (adb) by difference
Sulphur (adb) 0.4%
Hard Grove Index (adb) 50
Size 0-50 MM

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