Team Assistance


Our Service Engineer has more than 15 years of experience and will be available 24*7. Our Senior Service Engineer's advice would be seeked in case of Emergency, who was trained in TAIWAN and worked with various brands like the "STOLL" for many many years. Our stores incharge looks after the stores dept, assisit our customers, communication cell by the keeping necessary spare parts in stock, which will reduce the machine's idle time. Due to the Non-availability of the spars. He takes care the proper accounts flow in the system. All the communications & system flow is being route throw our MANAGING DIRECTOR, who monitors the complete operations of the entire network.

To the culmination, the whole system is now conneted by WATTSAPP GROUP, Where in we post the industry news, announcements of new models, features, arrivals of new machines ets.
Our purpose here is to introduce cutting-edge ideas to upgrade the human condition. I think people have a right to feel great in mind, body and 'spirit'.

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