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Since 1948 JUMBERCA is characterized by using the higher technology, design and quality to be included in all the continuous fabrics machines sectors, it means that JUMBERCA comes up successfully to the most creative circular knitting sector.



The word “JUMBERCA" is synonym with the world leading brand circular knitting machine with a long history of technological innovations. anyone who is familiar in the field of knitting would certainly would know about "JUMBERCA" from spain.



Machine Details :


Although JUMBERCA has a very vast variety of circular knitting machines - innovated since last 55 years - we would like to present the most familiar brand as follows:





MIL :  Double knit inter – rib machine with electronic stripers. also works in double knit for continous fabrics and for body lengths with ribbed bottom and separation thread. 1 to 4 yarn fingers can be selected at the same time. stripers cancellation system per feed. can knit with desired number of feeds with more than 4 colours (multi colour). universal dial. all textile positions programmable without removing the sections. on making changes it is not necessary to remove needles, or set the machine to intial position. the stripers are raised manually to the exterior permitting. a total accessibility to the dial changes. (Patented System) 


MIL - T : Double knit inter rib transfer machine with electronic stripers. same as like the above model with double transfer feature. this feature enables you to work in single or double knit for continous fabrics and for body lengths with ribbed bottom. two positions of double transfer each with 48 knit feeds + 2 double transfer position.





Although this series had many models like DJE – 6, DJE – 7, DJE – 6L, DJE – 6LS, DJE – 6T, DJE – 6LT, DJE – 6LST AND DJE – 6LSTT. the most familiar models are :


DJE – 6LS:  Double knit electronic jacquard machine with the features of the mil model. latest generation electronics and the garment bottom body length with tubular, 1 x 1, 2 x 1 ribbed bottom or knit with stripers for continuous fabrics.


DJE – 6LSTT:  Computerized double transfer – jacquard double knit circular knitting machine with electronic stripers and body length garment with separation thread or knit with continous fabrics of single and double knit. 



Single Jersey Electronic Jacquard Series:


Although this series had 4 models like SJE – 4, SJE – 5, SJE – 4L, SJE – 5L  the most

familiar model is :


SJE-4L : Single knit machine with electronic selection for needles and stripers. full jacquard with latest generation electronics. electronic 4 – colour stripers with individual cutting and clamping system per thread. 1 to 4 yarn fingers can be selected at the same time. cancellation system of stripers per feeder and allows you to knit with the desired number of feeders and samples of more than 4 colours.


Single Knit Stripers. 


SMIL – 1: finally, and in the range of continuous fabric machines, JUMBERCA recently presented the SMIL model, single jersey of 4 - tracks and 48 - feeders, with manual programming device to change the cams positions from the outside of the sections and 6 - Colour Electronic Strippers. maximum production and versatility in stripper machines.


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